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Tower Rush is a PVP Tower Defense game blending offensive and defensive play against real opponents in a quest to reclaim your magical kingdom.

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Tower Rush is the first real tower-defense game offering a unique blend of offensive and defensive play, merging classic strategy elements with the adrenaline-fueled excitement only found in PVP games.

Strategic PVP Battles

Tower Rush is the first game that pits you against your opponent in a shared space. You're not only racing to destroy their tower but also fighting for land dominance!

Destroy & Defend

Create impenetrable defences with a variety of towers. Plan and execute offensive and defensive strategies with a deck of battle cards in 3-4 minute matches.

Epic Kingdoms

Explore a mystical world filled with magical kingdoms and mysterious creatures with powerful abilities.

Rank #1 In The World!

Progress by winning battles and enhancing your deck. As you climb the ranks through strategic gameplay and tower upgrades, you get closer to becoming the ultimate champion!

Strategic PVP Battles

Tower Rush is the first game that pits you against your opponent in a shared space. You're not only racing to destroy their tower but also fighting for land dominance!

Free To Play

Option to level-up faster with In-App purchases.

You're Always The Hero

In a realm where magic and strategy intertwine, you, a dethroned ruler, embark on a quest to reclaim your kingdom and become the hero of your story.

The magical trees in “Tower Rush” are crucial, infusing towers with various powers, from healing to fiery attacks. They also bestow unique traits on diverse characters, intertwining strategy and magic, and making nature a vital element in your quest for victory!

Strategic Card Play

Deploy battle cards, each representing a character with special abilities. Your success hinges on effectively combining cards, managing resources, and outsmarting your opponent!


The heart of your attack strategy revolves around the champion you choose to lead your troops into battle. Each champion has a powerful effect that impacts the rest of your troops.

Badger Brawler


Childhood mentor and bodyguard

Bridgely roars into battle, distracting all enemy towers and forcing them to attack him instead of nearby friendly units.

Deer Priestess


High Priestess of the Tree

Fawna carries a shielding aura. Every few seconds, she casts a shield on all nearby troops that protects them from a single hit of any size.

Standard Bear

General Grizzwald

Strength, duty and honor

Grizzwald courageously leads troops into battle, periodically boosting the movement speed of all nearby friendly units.


Which troops will you send to attack the enemy? Every ground unit in Tower Rush is unique. Combine their strengths to overrun your enemy’s defenses!


All manner of weapons have their uses, no matter the size!

Instead of dying, the Boarbarian becomes invincible and rushes forward for a few seconds.

Fairy Mouse

The unseen Mistress of Evasion

When the Fairy Mouse gets hit, she turns invisible and can’t be targeted by enemy towers.


Seasoned wizard bestowed with the ancient secrets of the forest

The Trufflemancer summons autonomous mushrooms to run down the path, which distract enemy towers.


Defend your base against the oncoming wave of enemy units! Choose wisely which towers you bring into battle. Some attack enemy troops, some bolster your own - what combination will bring about your victory?


Magic and trickery have a place in warfare too!

The Poison Tower spews a caustic brew randomly on the path, poisoning enemy units that get hit and bringing them to the brink of death.

Smoke Machine

Cloak your troops within the veiled protection of a Smoke Machine

The Smoke Tower bellows huge clouds of smoke on the battlefield, concealing all friendly units and preventing enemy towers from targeting them.


Sometimes your foes need the right kind of encouragement to rethink their actions

A hit from the Fear tower causes enemy units to run in fear, causing enemy units to turn and run back the way they came!

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Meet The Creators Of Tower Rush

There’s never a dull moment with continuous updates, new features, and ever-evolving gameplay! Meet the team behind your endless fun.

Chris Rawson

Jake Muehle

Sean Pando

Tony Raimond-Kedilhac

Jacquelyn Rawson

Claude Gastelum

Steve Anderson

Spencer Davis

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Meet Tower Rush, a PVP Tower Defense game, where you are the dethroned ruler of your magical kingdom. Fight against other players trying to take over your kingdom, and win it back! Play both offensively and defensively in Tower Rush, addressing imminent threats while planning for long-term domination. 

This game is for you if…

  • Like quick matches against friends
  • Love deep lore and fun narratives in games
  • Enjoy challenging PVP battles

Create a deck with the cards collected from battle! Upgrade cards to create stronger units,

Have your champion lead your team to victory, and destroy the other unit’s fortress.
Play online against other players, or start a match locally against friends! 

Conquer and reclaim your kingdom by setting offensive and defensive towers across a shared map. Use different strategies and adapt to your enemy’s playstyle in order to win.

Tower Rush is currently available on iOS and Android devices world-wide!

Company + Game History

Solar Forge Games, originally Sunshine Studio, was created by developer Chris Rawson. In 2022, he began collaborating with his friend Jake Muehle, a passionate game designer and developer, and made great breakthroughs. Now the studio is powered by a team of experienced developers and artists, bringing the world of Tower Rush to real life.

First prototyped back in 2018, Tower Rush was created by developer and engineer Chris Rawson, a long-time fan of PVP and tower defense games.


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